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Maximom Twin Baby Carrier
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Maximom Twin Baby Carrier Reviews

Maximom Twin Baby Carrier Reviews - Click to enlarge
Here are some other reviews of the Maximom Twin Baby Carrier as seen on eopinions.com. ******************************************************************************************************** Great carrier for any mom of twins or more, and a one of a kind find. Many different positions to chose from-both babies on front or back, one on front and one on back or one on each side and either baby can face in or out, or can be separated into two carriers so each parent can wear a baby. ******************************************************************************************************* We received this carrier as a gift for our second baby. Although this carrier is designed for use with twins or even triplets it is wonderful for carrying just one child.

It is hard to calm our son down but this carrier does the trick. I can carry him around (keeping him happy and quiet) and still have my hands free to do other things.

The carrier comes with a video that makes figuring out how to use the baby carrier in all the different positions a snap. To date I have only used the baby carrier with the baby facing my chest and outward facing.

The carrier is also really easy to use if you are home alone or out running errands by yourself.

It even has a pacifer clip so you won't lose the pacifer when you are walking around. ****************************************************************************************************** We have twins. We love our carriers. Although it's advertised as a twin carrier, the 'twin carrier' is just two single carriers that you buckle together in a certain way. You can use each one separately for a single baby too.

So if you only have one baby, you only need one carrier.

The biggest plus is that the baby wears the harness part, and then to carry the baby around, you just clip on two straps to the harness. When you want to take the baby off, just unclip the straps and put the baby down. You don't have to take the baby in and out of the carrier! You can even put them in a car seat with the harness on. It's so convenient.

The other big plus is the variety of positions. Most carriers I've seen let you carry the baby in one position. But because the maximom has these detachable straps, you can carry the baby in just about any position you want, just by arranging the straps differently:

On your front facing in On your front facing out On your back facing in On your back facing out In a sling style position (good for nursing)

You can also strap the carrier to most chairs if their's no high chair around for your baby, though wrigglers might object to that treatment.

For twins, you can carry both on your front, or one on the front and one on the back (quite comfortable that way).

Our girls seem to love being in them so I can only assume they're comfortable for babies. They're very comfortable to wear as single carriers, and they're pretty comfortable to wear as a twin carrier, though it is true you need good upper body strength to walk around with both on your front for a long time. (I'm an averagely built 30 year old man and I don't have a problem with it.)

It comes with a video that shows you how to arrange the straps into the different positions. It sounds complicated, but it's really not difficult at all, just watch the video with your carrier in hand (and preferrably a baby!) and it will all be second nature in no time.

For example, I have changed positions from baby facing out to facing in, without waking the sleeping baby.