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1. Baby waterproof rice pocket
The baby dresses comfortably, the mother buys it without worry
Home, eating, playing, painting. Mom’s troubles, everything can be done
2. It can be used for both eating and playing
When eating, the rice pocket is in the front, and it can be turned to the outside when eating, and it immediately becomes a three-dimensional rice pocket.
When playing, the rice pocket is at the back. When playing, it can be flipped to the inside to hide the rice pocket immediately.

Product information:

Fabric: Waterproof cloth
Pattern: Stripes
A: Fandou green grass cat
B: Fandou with green eyes
C: Rice pockets
D: Fandou Red Elf
E: Fandou white cat
F: Rice pocket chicken
G: Rice pocket blue glasses
H: Fandou Snowman
Function: Waterproof

Packing list:

Baby waterproof bib x1

Mother, Baby And Child Waterproof Bib Overalls, Bib Skirt And Mouth Gown

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