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Product information:
Product category: quilt
Fabric: Polyester
Pattern: plain
Color: [Non-quilted cashmere] Blue, [Non-quilted cashmere] Pink, [Non-quilted cashmere] Gray, [Non-quilted cashmere] Khaki, [Non-quilted cashmere] White, [Non-quilted cashmere] Wine Red, [No quilted Soft velvet] pink, [No quilted soft velvet] Khaki, [No quilted soft velvet] White, [No quilted soft velvet] Gray
Specifications: 3M[full length 62cm], 6M[full length 70cm], 9M[full length 78cm]

Packing list:
Sleeping bag*1

Sleeping Bag For Infants To Be Held By Newborn

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